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A one-day Training Seminar on Vultures

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 09:00


G. M. Afeti Auditorium, Ho Poly

Department of Conservation Biology & Entomology

in Collaboration with

Faculty of applied Social science, Ho Polytechnic


A one-day Training Seminar on Vultures

Theme: The significance of vultures in keeping our cities free of diseases.


A world without vultures will be a foul-smelling place filled with diseases and rotting carcasses-they are unsung environmental heroes.

Who's Invited?: 

Teaching & Non-teaching Staff, Students and General Public


0248700385/0208326080, ivmp@ucc.edu.gh


Dept. of Conservation Biology And Entomology, UCC / Fac. of Social Sciences, Ho Poly

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