Research Area

Lecturers and Areas of Specialization

Prof. Ben A. Mensah, PhD
​Insect Physiology, Ecology & Pest Management

Prof. (Mrs.) Mary Botchey, PhD
​Taxonomy, Ecology & Insect Systematics

Prof. Kweku A. Monney, PhD
​Economic Malacology, Histology & Conservation

Prof. Peter K. Kwapong, PhD
​Bee Pollination Ecology & Conservation in Managed & Natural Ecosystems

​Kwaku B. Dakwa, M.Phil.
Wildlife Management & Ornithology

​Rofela Combey, PhD
​Bee Taxonomy, Pollination Ecology

Justus P. K. Deikumah, PhD
​Landscape & Conservation Ecology, Mining Environment Management,

John Abraham, PhD
​Forest Entomology, Chemical Ecology

Andreas A. Kudom, PhD
​Insect Ecology, Medical & Veterinary Entomology, Public Health