Welcome to the Department of Conservation Biology and Entomology (CBE).
We are made up of highly qualified and friendly experts, very eager to offer you quality education about the fauna, their interactions with ecosystems and how they can be managed for sustainable benefit to man. These range from mighty elephants to precious little bees and butterflies. With knowledge acquired from the department, you gain the versatility to work with established Governmental Departments, Research Institutions and Universities worldwide as well as the entrepreneurial establishment of apiaries, game parks and reserves. The knowledge acquired will be applied in solving problems in food security, health and medicine.
CBE offers both undergraduate and graduate programs including Ph.Ds. We therefore promise you a cherished learning experience that will enhance your career and vision for life, taking you places you never imagined.

Welcome to the Department of Conservation Biology and Entomology (CBE). As the name suggests, we offer training in two broad areas of science – Conservation Biology/ Wildlife Management and Entomology.  If you are interested in science and ready for a challenge, then consider a career in conservation Biology/Wildlife Management or Entomology, where you can use your natural curiosity and enthusiasm to help solve some of the world’s developmental challenges.



To be a centre of excellence in biodiversity conservation and management by providing science-based research, instruction and outreach that support conservation and management of insects and wildlife in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.


To train highly qualified personnel for sustainable management of biodiversity and management of pests


Our program differs from traditional biology programs by integrating a hands-on approach to learning and introducing resource policy, regulations, and human aspects of resource research and management. Students in this program should expect field experiences in forest, savannah and wetland ecosystems. 

Unique facilities and resources are the hallmarks of the BSc in Conservation Biology and Entomology. Students will have access to the University’s Forest Reserve and the famous Kakum Conservation Area, which is a 30-minute drive from the University of Cape Coast. Additionally, CBE accesses the School and the University’s buses for off-campus field trips and activities in other research areas and Reserves in various parts of the country including Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Shai-Hills Resource Reserve and Ghana’s foremost protected area, the Mole National Park.